Certified Meat and Poultry Programs

AMS provides certification of meat and poultry carcasses for a number of marketing programs that make claims concerning breed and carcass characteristics. These characteristics go beyond the requirements for official USDA grades. Certification is often the basis for approval of meat and poultry product labels making a variety of marketing claims. The carcass certification programs vary widely in the level of claims for “quality”, in order to provide program originators and purchasers of certified products with the best service.

How do I get a Program?

Certified Meat and Poultry Programs

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Lamb Programs

Pork Programs

Poultry Programs

Veal Programs


Meat Programs: Darrell Dowd at Darrell.dowd@usda.gov or (720) 409-9490

Poultry Programs: Richard Lawson at Richard.Lawson@usda.gov or (202) 690-3166