Pesticide Record Keeping

In accordance with the 1990 Farm Bill, all private applicators are required by law to keep record(s) of their federally restricted use pesticide (RUP) applications for a period of 2 years. PRP operations ended in September 2013 due to the elimination of program funding. If you have questions regarding the program please contact the AMS Public Affairs Office at (202) 720-8998.

No standard Federal form is required for recording RUP applications, which allows certified private applicators the flexibility to integrate RUP applications into any recordkeeping system. The 9 required elements that must be recorded within 14 days of each RUP application are as follows:

  • The brand or product name
  • The EPA registration number
  • The total amount applied
  • The month, day, and year
  • The location of the application
  • The crop, commodity, stored product, or site
  • The size of area treated
  • The name of the certified applicator
  • The certification number of the certified applicator

Recordkeeping Tools and Information: