Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services fall into two categories: federal licenses issued under the United States Warehouse Act and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Storage Agreements. Warehouse licensing for agricultural product warehouse operators is required by many States and by some of the CCC storage agreements. This requirement may be met by holding either a State or Federal license.

United States Warehouse Act (USWA)

The United States Warehouse Act (USWA) authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to license warehouse operators who store agricultural products. Warehouse operators that apply must meet the USDA standards established within the USWA and its regulations. Application is voluntary. Applicants agree to be licensed under the USWA, observe the rules for licensing and pay associated user fees.

Storage Agreements

Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) enters into storage agreements with private individuals and companies to allow warehouse operators to store commodities owned by CCC or pledged as security to CCC for marketing assistance loans. Warehouse operators that enter into these agreements must meet standards established by USDA, agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement, and pay any associated user fees.

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