Cotton and Tobacco

Cotton and Tobacco Market News facilitates the domestic and international marketing of U.S. cotton and tobacco by providing accurate, timely, relevant, and unbiased data, information, and services. Our premier data gives a representative picture of commodity markets and promotes market transparency and fairness.

Current and historical cotton market data is presented through the MARS public facing platform, My Market News.  In addition to access to standard reports, My Market News gives you faster and greater access to detailed datasets in one easy-to-use tool. My Market News provides endless opportunities for data analysis and allows for customization of Market News reports. 

Cotton Quality

National Reports

Classing Office Reports

Cotton Prices

  • Daily Spot Cotton Quotations (PDF & XLS)
  • Daily Base, Selected Quality Prices (TXT)
  • Base, 7MKT Average Quotations, Futures Settlement and Differences (TXT)
  • United States (TXT)
  • Southeastern (TXT)
  • North Delta (TXT)
  • South Delta (TXT)
  • East Texas – Oklahoma (TXT)
  • West Texas (TXT)
  • Desert Southwest (TXT)
  • San Joaquin Valley (TXT)
  • Pima (TXT)
  • Monthly Cotton Price Statistics (PDF & XLS)
  • Current Month Base Price Data File (CSV)
  • Annual Cotton Price Statistics (PDF & XLS) - Previous Releases

Weekly Cotton Market Review

  • Weekly Cotton Market Review (PDF)
  • Narrative (TXT)
  • World Market, NY Futures, “A” and “B” Indices, Upland Export Sales (TXT)
  • Selected Spot Prices, Landed Mill Prices (TXT)
  • Forward Contracting (PDF) - Previous Releases

Other Reports

Tobacco Market News

Tobacco Market News provides quarterly collection and consolidation of the tobacco stocks data and the publication of the Quarterly Stocks Report.

Tobacco Quarterly Stocks Report