Federal Grain Inspection Service

The Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) facilitates the marketing of U.S. grain and related products by establishing standards for quality assessments, regulating handling practices, and managing a network of Federal, State, and private laboratories that provide impartial official inspection and weighing services. FGIS establishes and maintains official standards for barley, canola, corn, flaxseed, oats, rye, sorghum, soybeans, sunflower seed, triticale, wheat, mixed grain, rice, and pulses.

Office of Deputy Administrator

Ensures FGIS administers the provisions of the U.S. Grain Standards Act, as amended (USGSA) and the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as amended (AMA) as they relate to the inspection of grains, oilseeds, rice, pulses, lentils, and processed grain products. 

Telephone: (202) 720-9170
Email:  fgis.oda@usda.gov

Field Management Division

Provides and supervises inspection and weighing services for grain and related products for domestic and export trade. Develops and revises directives, handbooks, and other instructional documents.

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International Affairs Division

Provides international services and outreach programs to explain the U.S. grain marketing system. Protects the integrity of the official inspection system and the market at large by reviewing reported discrepancies by importing countries to ensure markets for grain and related products are fair and transparent.

Email: FGIS-IAD@usda.gov

Quality Assurance and Compliance Division

Reviews the official inspection and weighing system’s operations to ensure they conform to policies and procedures; oversees the delegation and designation of state and private entities that provide official service on behalf the USDA; investigates alleged violations of the U.S. Grain Standards, the Agricultural Marketing Act, and applicable regulations and instructions; manages geographic boundary exceptions process and registers firms to export grain.

Email:  FGISQACD@usda.gov
Report a violation: 800-998-3447 (toll-free) or 202-720-0228

Technology and Science Division
FGIS’ central laboratory that coordinates, manages, and conducts FGIS’ research, methods development, new equipment evaluation, reference standards, technical trainings, mycotoxin and biotechnology test kit program, provides direct services for commodity inspection, and performs quality control/assurance for assigned programs.

Email: FGISASKTSD@usda.gov

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